A Man who’s Bankrolling Virtual Reality

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Stepping into startup “Boost VC” is like roaming into a secret society for the techerati. The housing entrance is all filled with black-and-white posters of Steve Jobs and Elon Musk. There are also bitcoin ATM and virtual reality headsets in abundance and a Tesla drum toward you. Wait, make that a “Deskla” which is a kind of a desk that is old fashioned from the hollow shell side and costs around $70,000 for the Model S. Well, now you must be wondering who is a madman and Adam Draper is the madman behind who is sitting in the driver’s seat and steering wheel.

Draper also synonymous with the Venture capital prince had his eyes trained on the illusion even before the Oculus craze. A $7.1 million funded Boost VC now focuses on investing more money between $25,000 and $100,000 in Virtual Reality companies that may go beyond gaming. 30-year-old Draper has a strategic advantage by rowing the boat himself at the forefront in the brimming river of virtual reality which is a big moment in itself as the venture capitalists and angel investors invests nearly $1.4 billion money into VR.

It is clearly Draper’s unconventional accelerator that just can’t offer early-stage entrepreneurs a free lunch and space and Draper is betting on the Virtual Reality concept that would require lots of resources and time to build it and draper is nurturing it from its infancy stage.




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