Acquisition Of Movidius By Intel To Create A Future Computer VR Tech

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Intel today gave the news of the acquisition of San Mateo, California-based Movidius which is a chip manufacturer who focuses on developing a major next generation computer sensing and vision technology. Movidius is already counting Google and Lenovo as its major customers who are working on sight capabilities for various machines and personal computers.

The company’s VPU short for the vision processing unit, which works as the main central element or a platform of the company for on-device vision which is processing major works in tandem with Intel’s RealSense technology. This technology will provide the computer system an ability to view images in 3D mode.  Well, everyone is already familiar with this technology as it can be found readily in Drones, Security cameras; Virtual Reality as these industries develops the potential for some major inventions and will give boost to the inventions too.  Well, the financial terms of the acquisition deal were not disclosed to the media. Remi El-Ouazzane, CEO of Movidius has confirmed the public that the company will still focus on their mission, which is giving immense sight power to the machines by using sophisticated algorithms at the device level and the deal has given more resources for the researches.

In August, Intel also revealed about its Project Alloy i.e. a VR headset that combines RealSense technology with the battery power which allows the users to experience Merged Reality. The main motive behind the acquisition is that the Movidius has power limited devices and Virtual Reality and combination of both the major companies means merging of both the technologies to create something very revolutionary for the World.

Recently this year Facebook also acquired virtual reality audio startup two big ears in order to create something great for the immersive world and let’s hope that this merger will also bring fruits to the Virtual Reality immersive world.




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