Adobe’s Creative Cloud Will Let you Edit Virtual Reality Videos

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Adobe’s Creative Cloud has added a brilliant supportive feature to its Video Editor which will allow viewers to edit Virtual Reality videos, to be premiered as Pro CC integrated with the spring 2016 update. Video editors can click and drag using Adobe’s latest update to change the point of view of the video from the perspective of the viewer as well as the window of the editor.

Thus, the new age editor will give the editors the ability to view the Virtual Reality videos from a variety of angles and perspectives. The edited videos or the exported files will be deemed as VR-compatible when uploaded on video sharing sites such as YouTube or social media portals like Facebook.

The latest Premier Pro CC update also holds features that let you preview the stereoscopic VR footage which comes out as 3D by wearing the red and blue glasses for approximation while editing. Although the VR video segment is yet a nascent arena for developers and producers however, this magnificent tool introduced by Adobe is going to be revolutionary.

Other features included in the editor are as follows:

  • Easy Proxy Creation for switching between high resolution footage and the downscaled proxy files with a few clicks.
  • New and Easy Keyboard shortcuts to quicken the process.
  • Elaborate options for captioning the videos to control the font, size and color along with the position of the text.
  • Premier Pro CC will already possess to Support the exported Files to Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Although the official release date is not yet clear and definite, however, the growing need for VR content is least likely to keep the producers from releasing it when the market is hot.




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