Alcatel Launches Virtual Reality A New Smart Phone Under $200, Now In 5 Colors

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Every company is busy with their project in Virtual reality in the past few months and so was Alcatel, as it was also been very busy in the past few months with its new products and at IFA Berlin, The company proved its capability by unveiling its new products for Virtual Reality technology. It has launched a new smart phone which they named it as Shine Light which gives users a premium look as it designed in metal and glass.  The main Fuzz in the market is about the Price of the smart phone as it attracted a large number of people in the young market. The smart phone is packed with a new Virtual Reality ecosystem with Vision that too all-in-one VR headset along with an Alcatel 360 camera.

Let us talk about its specifications now! Well, the Shine Light is a 5-inch device which is powered by a quad-core 1.3GHz processor with 2GB RAM and 16GB internal memory. It has a 13MP main camera and a 5MP front-facing secondary camera especially designed for selfies even under low lightening too. It is also equipped with a fingerprint scanner and is available in five different colors which are Pure White, Prime Black, Satin Gold, Gold Duo and Silver Duo. The price is not yet specified but, they did made one thing very clear that it is below $200.

Well, must be wondering about Vision, it is an all-in-one wireless mobile device system that will serve as your VR headset which gives you an IMAX-format movie experience. It has low latency, as low as 17 milliseconds. It proved to have the lowest latency so far. The vision is so advanced that it is actually adjusts itself to the myopic vision.

It also has the Alcatel 360 camera that allows the user to create Virtual Reality content that you can also watch them on the devices like Vision. It is so tiny in size that it can easily fit in your pocket and can be carried anywhere, anytime. It is in rectangular in shape which can be plugged into the microUSB port of any phone.




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