API Management: The Need for Quality Management Software

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APIs have become all the rage recently with the growth in the digital world which is why Enterprises and business entities seek APIs as a crucial entrance into the field of Information Technology. APIs are such an integral part as they serve to be the interface not just for the functionalities within the code but also for the interaction in a B2B system completely transforming business processes and software implementation practices.

With the availability of APIs has risen the need for successful API management tools. An API functions at a larger scale increasing the number of stakeholders in the process because APIs these days are no limited for the use of developers of the major stakeholder entity but is made open for use to developers anywhere either for free or at whatever price the owning party deems suitable. The best example of a popular and much used API is Google maps which is being used in most of the recent applications of the time.

Thus, with the involvement of a number of constituencies arises the need of quality and robust management software tools for seamless functioning and provision of the APIs. The importance and need of such software can be listed into the following essential key pointers:

  • Support for Development process: Managing software for APIs in the development stage can prove to be fruitful while considering the ease of the developers in managing the data consistency, cataloging the metadata and customizing the source code. Also, API management tools with documentation let developers understand the purpose and functionality of the API.
  • API Life-cycle management: API’s complete life-cycle from development to versioning, change, documentation and implementation, everything is managed with the help of these tools.
  • Maintaining Security and integrity: APIs essentially need to be implemented with provisions ensuring complete security and integrity of the software. Thus, the need for a management tool to tackle these aspects is inevitable.
  • Monitoring the performance: Latest and efficient management software come with specialized provisions for monitoring and measuring the performance of the APIs among the developer demonstrating statistics o business values and individual usability.



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