API Strategy- Top API Management Tools

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Creating and Launching an API is an extensive task including many elements such as documentation, support and security. However, an even more tedious task is to manage the APIs and that is where API management tools play the key role in extending your APIs securely to external developers in the easiest and the most beneficial way. An API management service or tool offers a multitude of useful features which range from documentation to analytic, from generating the environment to controlling the traffic, security and monetization etc.

API Management Tools

There is a host of API management tools available for users with free accessibility as they serve as open source software complimenting the public APIs available in the market as compared to private APIs. To be able to differentiate between Public and Private APIs more accurately read our post with a detailed discussion about both.

  • 3scale: 3scale is a popular API management tool which is used by startups and developed enterprises alike as they provide a variety of customized solutions to monitor, distribute and manage your API. The tool lets you work with centralized as well as cloud API administration, analytic and reports.
  • Mashape: Mashape does not rightly fall under the category of API management tools however it provides essential features that work to offer the same services. The features support testing of an API and generating code while offering user management. Most importantly Mashape lets you monetize the API by enhancing discover-ability in the market place with unique ways.
  • Apigee: Apigee is a complete API handling package which provides free API tools for developers and API management services and solutions for the enterprises. It supports a range of features functional for on premises as well as cloud administration.
  • Oracle SOA: An API gateway and a SOA suite is clubbed into this efficient tool by Oracle providing enriching API management solutions. API gateways are used for securing and managing APIs as a defense strategy in SOA environments.

APIs are generated for varied purposes. While some companies provide APIs along with a product or a service to draw revenue others provide it for free, therefore, for developers choosing the right API is important as maintaining and managing an API is important for the enterprises.




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