Apple Hired Jeff Norris, An AR/VR Expert From NASA

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Apple has contracted NASA increased and virtual reality master Jeff Norris, Bloomberg reports, to manufacture AR and VR ventures for the organization. Norris obviously joined Apple’s expanded reality group not long ago, Bloomberg says, as a senior chief answering to previous Dolby Labs official Mike Rockwell. It’s not clear precisely what Norris will do at Apple, however, Rockwell’s group is as far as anyone knows dealing with AR glasses that may work like another variant Google Glass, and won’t be uncovered until 2018 at the most punctual. Be that as it may, that is by all account, not the only piece of AR innovation that Apple is chipping away at. Tim Cook has over and over discussed AR’s potential, saying last July that the organization was “high on AR over the long haul,” and affirming this year that he considered it to be a “major thought like the cell phone.”

 In fact, Norris’ is one of an influx of specialists employed by the organization as of late, including individuals poached from VR and AR contenders like Oculus and Magic Leap. Prior this month, a UBS business note showed that Apple may have upwards of 1,000 specialists taking a shot at AR innovation, while different reports proposed that it might even show up as a standard component in the up and coming era of iPhones.

 Norris had worked at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory throughout the previous 18 years, establishing and coordinating the office’s Mission Operations Innovation Office, and also its Ops Lab amid that time. Among the tasks, he chipped away at NASA included OnSight — a goal-oriented program for Microsoft’s HoloLens that utilized Mars mission information to enable individuals back on Earth to investigate the red planet in virtual and expanded reality. Addressing The Verge while working for NASA, Norris said that he saw colossal potential in both AR and VR tech, depicting the projects he chipped away at as “another apparatus in the toolkit of adventurers.”




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