‘Arizona Sunshine’ Support To Virtuix Omni VR Treadmill With HTC

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Good news that the popular VR title Arizona Sunshine along with two others is soon going to receive the native support for their amazing and brand new Virtuix Omni VR treadmill. Virtuix has also shared another source of happiness that they have become a “formal hardware partner of HTC.” Arizona Sunshine is one of the SteamVR’s top rated games, and very soon it will be made compatible with the Virtuix Omni. It is a Virtual Reality treadmill which got its start soon after the 2013 Kickstarter. There are two other titles of Arizona Sunshine, which are the Bellows and cartoon-FPS Quell 4D are also committed to getting native integration with the device.

Virtuix also announced that it has become the official “formal hardware partner of HTC” at the Vive Ecosystem Conference held in China last week. According to the company, it will enable them to work closely and together with HTC in the realm of Hardware and Omni content. It would help the company to create more arcade games where the VR treadmill could add to the VR experience.

Virtuix started in 2013 with a Kickstarter campaign and was successful in raising $1.1 million. The company was successful in raising several other rounds of investment like participation by Mark Cuban show Shark Tank and became the first company to offer the crowdfunding investment opportunity. It was all followed by the campaign. The company was started even before Facebook bought Oculus. But due to high price point of $700, there was a significant production delays, and lack of native game integrations.

Virtuix announced that they were cancelling the international pre-orders as the shipping the large box that weighs more than 175 pound to overseas was proved to be unfeasible. The company has refunded all the cancelled orders with interest as it is not possible to deliver their product to their international backers.




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