Audio Chip Created By THX Positioned For VR

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THX have recently announced a new audio amplifier chip which is being claimed to have the world’s lowest levels of noise and distortion.  This chip is said to consume the lowest power possible and positions itself as the amplifier for Virtual Reality which is also designed for mobiles as it will work as the wireless headphones. The chip has been named as, ‘THXAAA chip’, is said to be an ASIC chip that has been made in conjunction with Triad Semiconductor.

Triad Semiconductor is a firm which has earlier worked with Valves in order to create Components of HTC VIVE’s lighthouse tracking technology. The company has recently been acquired by the gaming lifestyle company Razer which is known as the founder of OSVR. With this chip, the company is said to be taking its first step into the component’s offerings. The chip is expected to be useful for mobile.

The three pillars of immersion in the Virtual Reality arena are audio, visuals and 360 degree movement. Virtual Reality will make people addicted to audios and people won’t be aware of the fact that they are getting addicted to the audios. The AAA solution from the THX will be amazingly quiet, which will deliver sounds as they were created. As Virtual Reality is going wireless in the next couple of years and it is expected that the wireless headphones will be key in the future. THX and Triad are planning to show off their first THXAAA solutions at the CES 2017 which happened to be in this week.




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