Baxter Robot Can Now Make VR, A Way Better Of Experience

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Virtual Reality has been in this physical world and researchers have been working on this technology from the past, but it still revolves around the sight sense only. It is now causing hindrance in many games by restricting the games to move through eyes only. Well, Baxter Robot will now be breaking all the obstacles being caused earlier in the gaming field.

You have to spend $25000 on a robot that will give you more immersive feeling with a 360 degree gaming view. The robot will now let you play with a ‘touch’ sense along with your $799 virtual Reality set up. The video thus displays that the user with its HTC VIVE pushes as wooden box which the robot repositions a wooden box that is there in a form of wooden panel so as to meet the user’s controller’s precise spot. It gives the feel to the user as if he is really pushing the box in real life because the user is actually pushing the box with the help of the Baxter Robot.

It is definitely expensive and it would require much more than just one to create much more than just a simple game. But, we hope that it would be revolutionary in the field of Virtual Reality as it provides touch sense other than sight sense or motion sense.




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