Best HTC Vive VR Games to Buy for Early Consumers

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HTC Vive VR is all set to make its way into the hands of the customers who have been waiting long for the desired Virtual Reality experience. Virtual Reality is surely an amazingly exciting technology and combined with tech giants such as HTC it is sure to bring the best for the audience however, hardware alone is never enough to deliver such an experience until it is paired with the best of the software or content. Thus, if you’re thinking of getting an HTC Vive VR headset, here are a few VR games you must buy.

  • The Lab: The Lab is developed by the Valve and presents the best of Virtual Reality letting players move around knowing no bounds in the VR world. The player is transported to a medieval world in the life of an archer facing hordes of enemies. A try at the slingshot is definitely a unique and a fun experience.
  • The Gallery: The game is all about adventure as the player is transported to a maroon island with a mysterious beach where you are supposed to look for your sister and a mad scientist. It is a brilliantly interesting and addictive game to be played.
  • Audioshield: Audioshield is a game like no other as it revolves around physical activity as well as music. The player in the game setting is moved to a secluded dark room where songs from popular music bands start playing. As soon as the music starts the player faces orbs of red and blue which must be hit with the correspondingly colored shields provided to the player.
  • Elite Dangerous: The game remains to be one of the most magnificent VR experiences that there is to behold. Elite Dangerous is a game that does not let you have to use Vive Controllers and you can sit back and enjoy the VR experience from the cockpit of a ship exploring the galaxy.



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