Better User Experience Can help to Reduce Uninstalls

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The importance of providing a seamless (UX) cannot be overstated for many app developers. It helps to determine a way for the user, that how he feels, thinks and respond to various functions, and that is why UX should be personalized, up-to-date and should be very easy to use. Around 80-90% of all downloaded applications are usually deleted only after the first use of the applications. And 94% of the users delete their applications within a month of their download.

But, there are few common reasons that UX plays an important role in app un installations and also along with tips for how to fix them.

First one is, So many notifications,

Notification is often considered as one of the strongest points of an app so as to have real-time interactions with the customers and notifications can also be sometimes a major reason for an app un installation. It is because most app publishers go overboard with the notifications that constantly nag the customers so as to draw attention.

A simple solution to this problem is to provide them options to choose the notification frequency or well-timed notifications. If the user found out that the app is useful, then sends him notifications which are interesting that are subtle, yet effective.

Operating issues

The major function of an app’s design is just to simplify the UX and the customer interactions. An app which is complicated and tough to use, is clear reason for un installation.

Solution is quite simple, well it is clearly an Operating issue that can be resolved by making apps easy and interesting to use. Having well-developed user guides is also a good idea that provides simple instructions.

Log in difficulty

Many apps do ask for a lot of information even giving a simple preview access. And sometimes the user is just not willing to give that much amount of information which is quite leading to uninstalls.

Solution: It is a good idea for app publishers to ask for user details only if the user is interested in exploring more of your application. Ask only relative information that is required to you truly and rest can come later.

Therefore, providing a great UX should be of paramount importance for most app publishers and should be well, understood and that it is a sure way to have your customers returning to your application.




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