Björk’s famous Music Album ‘Vulnicura’ now in VR

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Björk is a famous singer-songwriter from Iceland. She is known for her Eclectic music style which is drawn from various other influences and genres like experimental, electronic, hip-hop, classical and avant-garde styles. She is highly praised for her innovative approach towards her singing and experimental music.

She has proved her innovative and natural approach in her 2011’s Biophilia in which she used a multimedia approach and 10 different applications each for one song which has been clubbed into one “Mother app”.  Three-dimensional constellation made a menu as a part of the Second Wind Apps which was developed by Relative App allowing a user to use their fingers to shift, swipe or zoom.

Björk once again proved her experimental and innovative nature as now she has launched her “Stonemilker” song video from last year’s album “Vulnicura” in fully immersive VIRTUAL REALITY platform. The singer brought her Native ICELAND into VR soaked song for her fans during her Björk Digital exhibition in Sydney, Australia on Friday. In the event, she will be premiering her fourth VR video which portrays the pain and sufferings she experienced while parting from her longtime relationship. With this exhibition, she is a taking a step forward on VR platform by displaying the complete Vulnicura, as a full VR album. She is happy with the chronological narrative of the album as it also captured the emotional landscape, which she feels is perfect for VR.

In the conference, she spoke about the interactive aspect of the exhibition in which audience will experience Vulnicura in VR and can try out Biophilia with iPads.

Björk Digital currently has a profile of 4 VR music videos of Vulnicura songs, but she also added 5 more mixes to her profile. The audience will experience Vulnicura songs using 80 Gear VR headsets which have been ported to HTC Vive and will be made available for download. In the coming time, the exhibition will travel to Paris, London, Tokyo, and Houston.

She is a true innovator who has done something for the VR enthusiasts in the true words of Robin Sharma that “Dreamers are mocked as impractical. The truth is they are the most practical, as their innovations lead to progress and a better way of life for all of us.”




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