Can Virtual Reality Transform the Bedtime Stories Experience for Kids?

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Samsung realizing the change in generation and the traditional ways of doing things like telling bedtime stories to kids has come up with something new for the kids using Virtual Reality. The tech company has launched an app named Bedtime VR stories that innovatively combines the traditional story telling with the latest immersive technology.

The app doesn’t promote parents to tell bedtime stories to their kids while they put on a VR headset on their heads during the one time that builds a connection between the parents and the kids, however VR bedtime stories is more for parents who are away and still wish to put their kids to sleep after a quick dystopian story.

The app is built around the usage of Samsung’s Gear VR headset and the ideology is currently being tested in UK among various families as a prototype. Spokespersons at Samsung explain the idea as an advantage for parents seeking to tell their children bedtime stories being away and still having their kids fly into far galaxies among dinosaurs and robots. Thus, VR is bringing families closer as no matter how far the parents might be they still won’t have to miss the important moments in the childhood of the kids.

However the only obstacles include that the parents must have a VR headset with them and the child to have Google Cardboard apart from the overall idea of encouraging kids to use VR.




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