Candy Crush Creator Moves into Making Casual VR Games with Bait

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Candy Crush creator, Tommy Palm is keen to enter Virtual Reality Casual Games with Resolution Games. With Google’s Daydream on the brink they’re ready to release another title for the Android Daydream VR platform named Wonderglade as announced at Google’s I/O 2016 conference. They have previously released Bait which is known to be the first VR application featuring in-app purchases.

Tommy Palm released the virtual reality fishing app Bait and raised a whopping $6M as an investment led by Google Ventures. Palm and his new firm Resolution Games is now a year old with 10 employees playing it strong and big. Tommy revealed that initially he had no interests in money however, after a query by Joe Kraus from Google Ventures and his insights into the future of VR market which is estimated to escalate up to $150 million by 2020 he felt strongly the desire to explore the VR field with respect to creative and quality content.

Tommy also discussed and shared his dreams of building a stronger entity with the right backers by moving into casual VR games that can be interrupted by natural breaks by designing the future of games to be not so addictive yet consuming while you’re in the VR.

He also put his thoughts forward on the future of VR games and Apps by designing free-to-play VR experiences with in-app purchases. Thus, working along these lines he feels VR can be essentially converted into a social experience without necessarily adopting the multiplayer norms.

For now, the company is very much interested in creating casual VR games with Google Daydream’s 3DOF controller which is very likely to blur the fine lines between games and VR.




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