Check Out The New Headquarters For Nvidia In Virtual Reality

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Nvidia’s new corporate Headquarters is currently under construction visible for now as a massive white frame with a heaving roof and abstractly designed building in the Silicon Valley of California. The best part about this magnanimous project is that you can put on a Virtual Reality headset and flutter through building in a photo-realistic and three dimensional environment of this would be the HQ for the Chip maker company.

The currently under construction building is set to open up for business in the late 2k17 and is said to house a total of 2,500 employees costing a whopping amount of $380 million while a second building has taken its place on the drawing board.

The virtual reality element to the project is being reportedly powered by Nvidia products making it an integral part of the Company’s new-age design and edifice of the structure. Nvidia was recently in the news for entering VR with its Graphic processing units capable for enhancing AR and VR experience. Thus, the Company has gained a substantial reputation for creating computer chips that accelerate graphics processing in high end games.

Mr. Jen-Hsun Huang, Cofounder and CEO of Nvidia had a vision for the structure to house over a thousand employees allowing them to collaborate, thus, Huang hired the design firm Gensler for the huge project working with the expertise of architect Hao Ko to capture the ideology into one big building design.

The Building is equipped with a multitude of attractive and functional features surrounded by beautiful lush Green Park and possessing an underground parking area. Also, the designers have worked to create choke point to foster collaboration among employees where the people entering from the underground parking will emerge into the main area from abroad staircase.

The brilliantly designed edifice is very soon to become a reality and shine out as another architectural marvel of the Silicon Valley with Virtual Reality embedded into its structure.


Manish Kumar


Manish Kumar

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