Chess Is Now Entering The Brimming River I.E. Virtual Reality

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Chess is being regarded as one of the world’s oldest sport which will now be getting the immersive video treatment as this November’s World Championship which is to be streamed live in 360 video.
Amazing right? 2016 world championship of Chess is all set to be beamed to VR headsets everywhere in 360 degree video format this November.

Ilya Merenzon who is the Chief Executive of World Chess by Agon Ltd, said that they are feeling proud to announce that world’s oldest games i.e. chess will now be creating global first immersive tournament and millions of fans will now be having a firsthand experience of the same.  The Chess Championship final is between Magnus Carlsen, from Norway, and Sergey Karjakin of Russia and the challenge will take place this November in New York.

But if you’re thinking of just casually dropping in to the stream for free then I am afraid that you may get disappointed as the broadcast is a pay-per-view or will be having cost of subscription event with a ticket for the entire championship that is up to 12 games which costs around $15, and if you are going for individual games then it costs around $1.25.

There are now many sports and events that are being given Immersive treatment like recently Ford also gave its event a new immersive experience. This revolutionary turn was taken by Cadillac.  And recently, Olympics held in RIO also enjoyed the immersive treatment.




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