Cloud Strategy: Hope You Are Not Missing Out Anything!

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Do you know that you easily transform your digital assets to platforms easily from Products? And during the process, you can get various chances to monetize them in many new ways by creating revenue streams that too from business modules. FantasyData recognize the demand for sports data from every single person, be it individuals to start ups and imagine that each one is interested in a different aspects of one or more sports so they did the best for their own customers. Now, what did they do? They opened their data and made it available via API securely and charged a fee.

Now the question arises that how do they expose these API’s that can be authenticated, can be tracked easily and managed so easily?  It was made possible by Azure’s API management Service. This service actually lets you create and publish Restful API interfaces for your application and that too quickly. Be it in cloud technology or in their data center. You can wrap these APIs with secure authentication so that only permitted members can invoke them along with internet authentication mechanisms such as Microsoft ID, etc. You can make a team that can monitor their usage in real time plus can impose quotas to prevent the over usage of APIs. You can attach Fees which will work as a new Revenue stream.

There are many use cases where Microsoft offers an amazing web of options for APIs by providing first party Microsoft products and industry leading Third party solutions. APIs usually makes your code and data very developer friendly and making it more manageable, scalable to integrate. New applications can be developed to access API compatible assets which will further going to add value to your assets at no extra costs. Just try to wrap your assets like services, custom code, etc. with APIs. With API you can gain more value from your data assets and applications.




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