Control Your Brain with Soon Coming Eyemynd Virtual Reality System

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A lot like the current-generation wearable devices, Virtual Reality has a lot of potential, but this generation is looking for a more perfect control mechanism. Dan Cook is a former postgraduate in cognitive neuroscience from the University of California, San Diego, really wanting to solve this mystery and want to give an answer to this issue. The Cook made a company and named it as EyeMynd with a vision of marketing a new type of VR headset, which would rely on user brain activity and not on handheld controllers. The Cook is trying to create a brainwave technology in order to control Virtual Reality by using mathematics of quantum physics in order to build all new type of deep brain software for learning and will work well for human Brainwaves!

Cook said EyeMynd is on the verge of releasing their brain-monitoring Developer Brainwave Virtual Reality headset, which will be equipped with 16 electroencephalography sensors that will be able to interpret the thoughts and will be able to convert them into Virtual Reality user commands. This latest and brimming technology will be compatible only with HTC VIVE. It will soon be launched in the first quarter of 2017.

There is no doubt that the Cook is working very hard so that more and more people are able to afford this technology. Just after the launch of the headset, it will be cost a few extra hundred dollars, but as the time will be passing by, it would be coming under the tag of ‘gadgets under $100‘. More and more technology is coming in, that are using the bodily functions like Skinterface Suit recently got launched. Let us wait for the more and more improvement in the technology which is now ready to use bodily actions and organs to be used!





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