David Beckham in VR: Stunning Experience to feel Sitting next to him

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David Beckham, the Global Sports Icon in partnership with Sky Sports this week is all set to make his debut in the hottest trend of the market i.e. Virtual Reality to celebrate the 25 years of Sky Sports. To mark this special occasion Beckham has filmed a very intriguing interview in VR with Kirsty Gallacher which will also showcase his top three premier league goals. The 5 minutes video is set to be released for viewing on Friday at 1 PM exclusively on Facebook 360.

The interview showcases Beckham discussing his final and special 3 premier league goals from his impeccable career playing for Manchester United and what made the Soccer Star choose the final three alongside Kirsty.

Beckham also revealed that Virtual reality is a wonderful technology and that it comes as no much of a surprise that Sky Sports have adopted VR embracing it as a leading trend. He goes further to state how much he enjoyed shooting for the VR interview and that it is sure to come out as a stunner and the viewers will feel that they’re really in the studio with him.

Neil Graham, Sky’s VR executive producer claims that Viewers will never have seen David Beckham like this before. Sky VR studios are all set to utilize the coming year to embrace Virtual reality as a major technology for the creation of cinematic and fully immersive content segmented into 20 individual films from the major cultural events.

Virtual Reality has had viewing sports as one of the major applications of the technology to keep the sports fanatics hooked to an experience more sophisticated and elaborate.




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