Effective Social Media Management Apps for App Marketers

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Social Media plays an essential role in marketing and promoting your app in more than one ways and hence managing and up keeping your social media portals and profiles is almost mandatory. However, handling social media profiles can prove to be a tedious task, as it requires continuous and rigorous updates and timely checks for analytic. Fortunately, there are certain specialized apps or tools that can make the task easier manifold by tracking the progress and audience related analytic. These tools can extend a great deal of help from managing campaign metrics to providing access to information at the fingertips.

Hoot suite

Hoot suite is a popular social media dashboard founded back in 2008 enabling app marketers to post, update and monitor all of your social media profiles. Hoot suite conveniently lets you access all the social media channels with hassle free tracking of analytic providing you reliable insights about the progress of your app. Hoot suite is available for android as well as IOS devices and apps.


The buffer is an efficient app marketing and management tool allowing you to access your social media profiles all at once. The app also provides facilities to schedule content and blogs for social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. It also provides analytic for the apps and is available for android and IOS.


Nimble was developed for professionals to build better and healthy relationships online amidst the multi-channel noise to focus on the right consumers and selective audience. Nimble allows app marketers to obtain unified contact information to engage in relationships through social media profiles keeping all the online conversations and communications records on a single platform. Nimble, however, is currently available for download on IOS App Store.




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