Embedded VR Media Support for Blogging Platform, i.e. WordPress

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WordPress.com is now supporting Virtual reality 360 degree photos and videos. WordPress is regarded as the world’s most popular publishing online platform. It constitutes more than 26% of the web. WordPress.com’s official blog confirmed about the latest update and said that the virtual reality media will now be supported. It means that, any website which is supported by WordPress can now post embedded photospheres and videospheres. This will allow the user to wear their favorite Virtual Reality headsets to the view the embedded content.

The WordPress blogging software is already supporting VR via a variety of plug-in. WordPress.com goal is to make the publication of Virtual Reality content as simple as possible, just like to publish text or photos to the web, you just have to add VR content to your website and anyone who have access to the web browser can instantly enjoy your VR content. WordPress is already functional with Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, Daydream, Oculus Rift, and HTC VIVE.

The company also confirmed that the functionality of the Virtual Reality plug in will comes to self-hosted WordPress sites and the good news is, within a few weeks only through Jetpack which is regarded as an essential plug-in. This plug-in will enable many WordPress.com features. The company has taken a major step towards the creation and documentation of the stories in VR. The WordPress.com network receives more than 15.5 billion page views every month and that too by 409 million people.




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