Engaging Teleportation in AR/VR- A UX beginner’s Guide

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The design bracket in virtual reality just like in any other application serves to be the very core and the backbone of the application as it connects user’s actions with the functionalities induced in the respective VR application. Thus, a great stress in imparting knowledge about the design tendencies for Virtual Reality with respect to UI and UX. For instance, in a previous blog we discussed how teleportation as a concept could greatly help in improving the comfort in VR especially when the user slips into the setting. Thus, moving along the same lines here is another informative post to help you know more on how to engage teleportation in AR/VR.

Teleportation is best implemented with transitions as transitions tell a story. The best advantage for working this out is that transitions in design help the users to slip in and out of scenes seamlessly. In most of the applications designed theatrically implement transitions for quality graphics and awesome transitions not only help the players to move in and out it also helps to direct the audience’s attention to the right subject in question.

Here’s an example of employing blacking out in a particular scenario in any given game which involves dramatic characters and shooting. Thus, the designer can inculcate blacking out

-Right before the gunshot in order to highlight the anger and fear of both involved parties

-Blacking out on the fire of the gunshot, to create suspense and to let the audience contemplate the stark difference between life and death.

-Blacking out right after the fire of the shot to leave the audience with the ringing realization that there is now a dead body and a killer.

Now these transitions are set into the experience along with the sound cues back and forth to complete the art of storytelling.

Employing teleportation in AR/VR is however slightly different as the experience have to be spliced for the effects in 3D. Nonetheless, the engagement of teleportation into the AR/VR experiences helps to catapult a user in body and in mind from one location and situation to another location without inducing the feeling of nausea and sickness. Thus, the transitions of fading into black not only prioritize events and bring sin realism but also effect significantly in implanting comfort in VR.




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