Essential Do’s for Editing Content in Virtual Reality

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Virtual Reality is like a sea technology in the world of entertainment, communication which is ultimately going up to the editors and they are trying to figure out, how to handle it. Virtual Reality comes in many flavors and many are losing control over Viewer’s perspective and goes significantly to editors. Evolve Virtual Reality from an experimental medium to a complex means of the communication model and therefore going to develop a whole new language of visual storytelling.

The essential dos in this category are as follow that are needed for editing and are already being developed. First in our category is to look for Point Of View i.e. whether the viewer is in 180 or 360 degree environment and predict that how many degrees of the content the editor wants the viewer to see at one time? Well, do set this vision between 115-120 degrees and try to display it either on fourth monitor or the timeline monitor. Moreover, you can select display only that ‘Look at’ point of view while editing. Once the project is edited ‘Destination Publish’ function lets you render out files in the social media requirement format and don’t forget to add a tab to turn on 360 degree video.

Second in our list is the Visual Language, in which you do edit your narrative content. Don’t forget that you and the viewer are together inside a totally surrounding artificial area. Do work with an Equirectangular file while viewing it on a 360 degree headset.  Do lead the viewers down a certain direction, showing the things you want them to see. Do transits from one shot to another and one should keep in mind that viewers can look anywhere they feel like. Do remember that the senses play an important role in 360 worlds and audio has an even greater impact on this world than in 2D. A person hearing anything behind, he would immediately going to look in that direction. Therefore, the audio is going to be crucial while editing content in Virtual Reality when the world is all around us.




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