Experimental WebVR Support for Chrome on Android

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There were a lot of things going on with WebVR lately. Google is finally giving reasons for amazing Christmas celebrations. Google is now moving on the footsteps of Oculus as previously, Oculus launched a developer preview of their very own Virtual Reality web browser. The giant and famous search engine launched the WebVR API on the Chrome for Android. This launched element is just in a test state. In order to get started with it, web developers have to sign up first to the Origin trial. By signing up, it will allow the developers to enable the WebVR on their Chrome version of their pages. Anyone who is using this very browser on their smart phone will be able to take a look at it.

The use of motion controllers has also been enabled because of GamePad API, with the help of the web interface. View owners can also use the Daydream controller, which will work as a Virtual Reality mouse. It will work in the same way; it worked for other native Daydream apps such as YouTube and Street view. Well, if you go by the theory, with WebVR one doesn’t have to download the above mentioned applications in order to view them in Virtual Reality.

Google refused to answer the question like, which other Virtual Reality headsets will be supporting this release. But one thing is sure that, they soon be adding Oculus Rift and HTC VIVE. They have just mentioned about their next update that will be focused on many performance improvements. Google has also provided a support page in order to help the developers so that they comfortably get to grips with its WebVR implementation, just like Oculus.  This is very much in the experimental phase only! Let us see that what, 2017 will bring to the Virtual Reality industry in terms of browsers support!




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