Facebook Brings in new Analytics for Virtual Reality Videos

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Facebook clearly seems to be smitten by the ongoing technology of trend, Virtual Reality in the light of which the Social Media giant has brought to the table two new analytics tools for upcoming videos in the genre of virtual reality. Facebook has envisages Virtual Reality more than just a reformed technology in the coming years and thus, the launch of these tools is to encourage that ideal along with content creators to create and upload more of 360 degree videos.

The newly introduced tools are explained briefly below to highlight the specifications associated with it.

User Guides: The afore mentioned analytic shall allow the creators to draw or map out a significant path that the targeted users might follow while subjected to VR content (videos) in 360 degrees. The metric parameter has been created keeping in mind users are not given any significant direction as to where they shall look in a video which might lead them to missing out on the essential parts.

Heat Map: Heat map notifies the users as to which frame or angle of the video has been viewed more often. Thus, this helps the creators to decide which parts of the 360 video have proved to be more engaging for the viewers and based on that which sections should be focused upon more.

These new video analytic tools have been created so as to neatly integrate with Facebook’s dream for VR as the company has put in a lot at stake in VR after purchasing Oculus and now it is set forth to encourage and promote VR content creation.

As the first step, Facebook rolled out 360 degree VR videos on its Newsfeed to put across more VR like content in front of the users. And now Facebook is also preparing to introduce an open source 360 degree reference that will surely bring something more valuable to this blooming industry.

Manish Kumar


Manish Kumar

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