Facebook Brings VR Content Creation To Masses With Its Photo Team

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Virtual Reality was deemed as the next big thing after Smartphones and touchscreens, the Mobile Phone after the Mobile Phone which is when Facebook invested a whopping $2 Billion in Oculus, the leading VR innovative Company back in 2014 in the wake of seizing the revving trend. However, sooner or later it had to be concluded that the same was not going to happen if capturing moments in Virtual Reality with a perfect 360 degree shot or video cost a magnanimous hundreds of dollars for the suitable VR camera equipment.

Thus, to ensure that this refreshingly rising trend doesn’t blow away in the wind Facebook is working to bring VR content creation to the masses evolving the social media network with new features supporting VR with the help of its new Photo team.

Facebook’s research scientist Matt Uyttendaele is heading its team at the Facebook’s Seattle Office where he demonstrated the new 360 degree photo viewing feature inculcated in Facebook. Matt stretches out his one arm holding a smart sized 360-degree Camera and taking a perfect 360 degree shot with the click of a button. He points out the camera generally directing it and says “It really doesn’t matter where I point because it’s going to capture everything,” he said, “Cheese!”

Facebook’s new photo viewing feature lets you upload 360 degree pictures on the platform where one can view the entire place by panning across the photo with your phone with a camera as affordable as under $350.

The networking portal also brags about supporting videos of the same nature shot with any VR 360 degree camera for viewing the entire experience that further comes with a feature- automated video stabilization that removes the shakiness of the video making it more stabilized for a better immersive experience because a wobbly VR experience is bound to make the viewers suffer motion sickness.

With this Facebook confirms that getting the VR content strategy right and simplifying the overall process for users employing cost effective procedures instead of $60,000 VR Cameras will be the master plan for Facebook in the near future as VR content creation and experience must be for everyone and not just Hollywood.




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