Facebook Is Preparing People Mentally On Virtual Reality

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From the past few weeks, Facebook is trying to flaunt its frontier (Oculus Rift) to the Virtual Reality Technology that gave a way to touch the latest technology which was first developed for gaming realm. Facebook has been flaunting its headset in various pop-up stores, all around the U.S.  In the Pop-up store, they offer a demo of 6 minutes to all those people, who have never tasted the Virtual Reality Technology. The demo gives them a great in-sight to the great fuss about the Virtual Reality technology.

The demo is made up of small little scenes that made the other people to look around in Virtual Reality. It talks about a scene where there is a boat with a Mongolian Family in their Yurt. During the whole journey, the user is hanging out with the elephants at one point and floating around the field space in the second. During the whole experience, suddenly there is a villain that is standing right behind you! Bhooom!!

The experience is so much enriched of 3D graphics and design that it compels the user to buy their own headset and leaves the user in more craving state. It is because that Facebook has spent up to $3 billion in order to acquire Oculus in 2014. This amount doesn’t include the amount of money that has already been spent on its development all along the years. It want that everyone should get a bite of Virtual Reality.




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