Fading Acer To Make Gambit To Turn Things Around

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Acer’s best chance of regaining its position back in the field of computing gadgets may be by playing big in Virtual Reality. Acer was known as one of the major personal computer makers that also leads the world in Laptops is now jumping into virtual reality but is going with a twist. Jason Chen, who is also an executive Chief Officer, is taking his company on the high-end headsets way pricier than Oculus Rift or HTC Vive. It can revive that status by selling VR headsets to IMAX theatres, theme parks and cinemas across the globe. Where Oculus and VIVE are gaining popularity with consumers using headsets for personal use, Acer is hoping to target consumers in Public spaces. It is focusing on healthcare and PC gaming for fitness.

They wish to build multiple business and not on a single business. The vision for Acer headset market in 2020 is that there revenue will touch 20 billion Dollars, and some big names are also helping them. The company has joined hands with Swedish Game Developer Startbreeze AB to make the startVR, which will have superior resolution and wider 210 degree field of view. The price was touching 4 digits and that is why it was turned directly into the commercial arena. The first headsets will be graced by IMAX center envisaged for Los Angeles this year. They will be kept under their seats in the movie halls and will be back with a punch packed with Virtual reality.

Targeting businesses will definitely going to require a different set of sales skills, servicing capabilities. This will be tough for them as Acer is currently very new in this field. Acer further said that Oculus Rift and HTC VIVE are costly enough and why they are not targeting consumers first. Well, it is not all about Virtual Reality; Acer is exploring industries like sports or aged care. They believe in doing what they are doing and they will go places in their career again. They now need a Virtual Reality for a new business.




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