First-Ever 360-Video Recorded In Space By RT (Global News)

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360-degree videos quality is increasing at a great pace. The innovations done in the Videos Format have gone way too far with inception from light experiment and what they are going to do now!  Obviously, they will be exiting our atmosphere! For the very first time ever, RT which is the Russian global news network has been able to record a 360-degree video of outer space. Cosmonaut Andrey Borisenko will be there who will guide this 360 degree documentary which has carefully captured the essence of International Space station.  They have named the project as Space 360.

Space 360 is a great and amazing project which has been the result of an incredible collaboration.  This is the first video that has ever been made like this, Immersive video of the Space Station. This Video will gives the feeling of being a Cosmonaut and will be given an opportunity to see how things work in there.

In the coming times, Borisenko will be able to record and release more 360 videos that will capture the essence of different areas like different modules, processes which are there in the International Space Station.  These videos which will be recorded are the flagship of the Space 360 program. It is a program which has started a partnership with RT or Roscosmos, & rocket and space corporation Energia. The Space 360 videos can be seen on RT’s exclusive app which is now available on Google Play or the Apple App Store and also on Oculus Home but coming soon on HTC Storefront. It is available in six different languages which are English, Russian, Spanish, French, German and Arabic.






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