Get VR Headsets For $0 With This Virtual Reality Company-Tek Gear

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They say “Best things in Life are for Free”. Just to work on the same lines and keep up these good words, a Canadian Tech Company- Tek Gear is giving out Virtual Reality Headsets for FREE including shipping.

Tek Gear has been in the VR industry for over 24 years striving to deliver various VR embedded technologies for the spheres of medicine and military. Now, the company is fervently working to enter the Consumer VR sector by offering VR HMDs for zero cost to anyone who wants to experience VR on the official website of the Company. The headsets are compatible to work with any Smartphone for OS Android 4.1 or higher and iOS 8.0 or higher with screen sizes between 4 to 6 inches.

 The company is said to have taken the positive measure to promote the burgeoning VR technology as for now the entry level VR headsets are available for hefty prices beginning from $699 depriving a major segment of consumers from the benefits and wonders offered by the technology.

Tony Havelka, President of Tek Gear stated in a recent press release that their experience in the VR industry has brought him and his team to understand that, in order to get a consumer grade VR headset to market, it must have a cost centered around the affordability of the audience which is why he goes on to say, “There’s nothing lower cost than $0 – so that’s where we set the price.”

For those wondering and waiting for the ‘catch’ as they say there always is one, Tek Gear promises that there is none. The Company assures the users that the sole motive of this brave initiative is to bring across VR to the users through consumer-friendly products and to keep the market flourishing for the future.

Further, the authorities of the Company go on to spill the beans about their future prospects revealing that they are working on VR devices that the users are going to get super excited about which is why setting up a big user base for future does no harm but good!

Manish Kumar


Manish Kumar

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