Google Claims 400% Growth In VR Global Search Volume In A Year

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Google the name we know as the most popular search engine across the world is now entering the field of Virtual Reality with many new projects and initiatives underway while few others already doing well  in the market. With all such interesting ventures in its kitty Google is bound to track the growth of VR on which it claims a major rise and gain in VR 360 degree videos.

Google is also reputed as one of the early birdies to step into the ultra modern technological sphere of virtual reality announcing its hugely successful Google Cardboard VR back in June 2014. The company registered over 5 million Google Cardboard devices distributed across the world which turns compatible Smartphones into VR viewers. Following which Google also added VR support to its product YouTube apps on both Android and iOS platform and now recently introducing high powered VR content portal, Google Daydream.

Fortunately the Company’s early interests and stakes are on the verge of paying off with an increase of 400% interests and search volume in virtual reality in the past 12 months. Also, with the trend of 360 degree shots and videos on the rise the video sharing platform YouTube has seen a tremendous rise, almost double in the amount of uploads in three months.

Thus, seeing the rapidly growing interest in VR Google is now attempting to encourage brands to consider Virtual Reality as the new age medium to promote their products and services among the targeted audience to leverage their revenues through VR in marketing.

Surely, virtual reality has all the features to become a promising medium for marketers being an early adoption in the field however the brands still need to work hard to look for new and attractive ways to show off their novelties using VR to its best.





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