Google Expeditions Review: Virtual Reality Apps might have place in schools

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Google Expeditions App is a revolutionary application which was recently launched by the Search Engine Giant as a major prerogative for its service to the field of education by the use of Virtual Reality technology.

Google’s Expeditions App had been in the talks since 2015 after which it underwent long periods of trials across classrooms worldwide allowing teachers and students to experience escapade into the most exciting places on earth, traveling to which may not be feasible otherwise.

The brilliant app uses Google Cardboard, the most simplified yet accessible VR gadget which ensures to deliver beautiful panoramic views of exotic locations in the world, taking the viewers to the most far-off places in an instant.

Google has ensured taking care of every single bit of detail and using as many geographically as well as culturally diverse places in its Expeditions App offering the viewers literally thousands of experiences to immerse yourself completely in and travel the world. An even better facet of the application involves thorough and interesting information about the several places letting the educators feed the students on some useful and exciting information about the place in the background which means that the teachers act as narratives in the backdrop while the Expeditions App takes the students out to various places.

The App also provides an additional 20 minute introduction to the application and the use of Google Cardboard for teachers before setting up the experience. With such an astounding application being used for education, students can be transported to places like Antarctica to study the depth of ice and the habitat of species there with features such as content flags that helps teachers to point out specific locations for students to explore through the use of tablets provided to the teacher.

Virtual Reality has been in the discussions for a long time for being an essential part of tomorrow and with such applications in the make, there is no doubt that VR has a secure place in the future.


Manish Kumar


Manish Kumar

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