Google Has an API to Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

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Google very recently released the Test API for mobile dedicated applications. It is a tool that lets the developers know in an instant, whether their Web Pages are mobile Friendly or not. It can be a useful instrument that should be kept as an important business practice.  Well, this has been introduced because there is a rapid increase in the number of Smart Phones. In many countries, the number of Smart Phones has surpassed the number of personal computers which leads to the desperate need of getting mobile friendly websites!

If you have made websites in the past when were not made with a perspective of making it Mobile Friendly, then we guess, it is high time to consider it and amendments should be made accordingly. The world is first for the mobiles now, and that is why Mobile Friendly test API comes into the Picture.

If we talk about the Mobile Friendly Test API, then it is not a new thing. Before the, Mobile Friendly Test API, the developers checked each and everything from their own self. Well, with the coming up of Mobile Friendly Test API, it runs all the URL tests automatically. It shows the developers all the data which is same when the results were generated by the older manual tests. Mobile Friendly Test API shows three statuses which are following:

  1. If the Mobile Friendly Test API found some error
  2. If the web page is mobile friendly,
  3. If the Web Page is not Mobile Friendly.

Apart from these results, it also gives the insight to the developers as to which steps were to be undertaken in order to become mobile friendly! Let us hope that this API is soon going to make it easier in checking the web pages for mobile friendly status and will also give tips to resolve, if faced with certain issues. Lets us see, what this API set has to deliver to the mobile world.







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