Google Releases New I/O Project Tango for VR Indoor Mapping

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Google recently made quite a big announcement at CES 2k16 about its project Tango that was originally launched back in 2014 in collaboration with Lenovo and now the search engine giant has big plans to ramp up the project technology for 3D sensing Smartphones and tablets  and also to aim to present it ubiquitously.

Thus, the announcement made openly clearly hinted at Company’s intentions of using the technology for mapping inside VR. Till know we’ve known that Virtual Reality lets you map the indoors in a 3D space using the usual cameras in a typical combination to shoot the place for an integrated depth and motion tracking.

The purpose and applications of 3D mapping are endless such as mapping the indoors lets you freely navigate within shopping malls and big amusements parks etc. Also, an advanced technology such as this even lets the user interact with the surroundings in real time which adds another interface of augmented reality to it.

However, a tech giant such as Google is least likely to stay inhibited at a place which is why it is highly probable that the company is looking to take the Lenovo Project Tango to the outdoors while also mapping spaces like museums and corporate jungles. Thus, one can say that this could be another version Google Maps only it will show you the indoors of any space on earth in the near future.




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