Hands-On Dlodlo’s V1 Stylish Virtual Reality Glasses

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Everyone is talking about the design of Dlodlo V1, which is indeed very innovative very clearly, but have you ever thought about its experience? When you start your experience at a presentation, then at first, there will be a video that will just liquefy between many panoramas frames that were filmed in China. The second will be a simple ship-warfare game which will be using an Xbox controller through which you will be steering your ship and also will be trying to sink your enemies.

Well, you will be surprised to know the using V1 is a bit of contradiction. Though it is light in weight, but the moment you wear you can feel the momentum that it will soon be going to fall off your face as there is no strap at the back. You just have to get used to such glasses, you will be surprised to know that they do remain on your face.

The Lenses are circular in shape and looking through them image didn’t seem to get distorted. The company has advertised that FOV at 105, but it didn’t feel like that as per advertisement. If we compare the images with Oculus Rift and VIVE, the image is small.

It is safe to say that a simple combat game wasn’t that bad and leaves you in a bit underwhelms. Anyone who is more accustomed to using either the Rift or the VIVE will miss the positional tracking. It is no less in an immersive experience but, it can be compared to Gear VR.

If you are trying this V1 then just remember that it is a pair of glasses and not the headset. It can be used with your computer and as well as with your phone. It has made a debut with some of the strongest features that should be recognized and that are being the thinnest and lightest Virtual Reality glasses and that are stylish too.

The company’s Head saw a vision and he completed it and we hope that the Dlodlo V1 will come as a revolutionary product and will mark the start of stylish range.




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