Hands-On: ‘EVE: Valkyrie’

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Fanfest is back again and for roundtable discussions and various other announcements, CCP’s yearly festival in Reykjavik is here! And ‘EVE: Valkyrie’, a sci-fi arcade dogfighter, which was launched in 2016 is now coming again to the field with the latest updates. The company has told the sources that an expansion of the ‘EVE: Valkyrie’ is coming on 11th of April to Oculus Rift, PSVR, and HTC VIVE. The extension promises to deliver many more Star Wars-esque spaceship experience with the help of the planet-based maps!

The review has been made through PSVR and seeing the game through the PSVR headset then the user would find him with familiar launch tubes and that too sitting in the basic ship! You would also be rocketing out of that carrier at an erupting speed, just like the game’s many space-based maps. Craggy peaks which were covered in snow which was all around and seems as the best place to smash into it, if you are a bad flyer!

If we talk about the map, then it looks noticeably smaller than the space-based maps! Combat tends to take a place which was near to ground which winds up the structure and other geological structures! Our spaceship that is being flanked up on one side by your enemy carrier and another hazard! And if you are killed by the enemy carrier, then, the message saying “killed by enemy carrier” flashes in front of you before being dropped serendipitous into a fresh clone. It can get more than 10 multi- players divided into two teams! It proves to be a crowd- pleaser by invoking the start wars trench run!




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