Hands-On Golem With PlayStation VR Headset And Motion Controller

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Sony uncovered a quick teaser of GOLEM which is a First person VR action game created by Highwire Games in a social gathering at GDC held in March in San Francisco. It is a game about making and inhabiting the bodies of automatons which are great and small. We tried Golem with PlayStation Headset and PlayStation Move Motion Controller. You have to move your character by moving your Torso forward or backward, left or right. The main character is bedridden but has the ability to make things magically and inhabit inanimate objects and he moves freely that way. It is a very mechanical process of making golems.

There is a magical element which is much more technical. Imagine yourself, as a micro-size on the floor and the low ceiling is looking more like vaults of the cathedral. A dead beetle lying to next to you is taller than you and you can just crawl under the blankets. Everything like this is in the game. Feels scary and exciting, right? It will take time to get used to the control scheme. They have not set any goal for the first bit, but one can explore the bedroom with a torch in his hand which is further controlled in real-time by the PlayStation. It is sort of a peripheral which is ahead of time with its great technology.

HighWire doesn’t want to rush things and we also don’t wish to miss the launch of PlayStation VR which will be next year. It is clear that GOLEM is going to be a multi player game which will be a first in VR games. That is why HighWire wants to take it very easy. It is a hybrid game in which you are inside the body of your human being as a character who is making golems of clay. It is more of a limited mode in the starting.

Swinging our swords with our controls is also an added feature. HighWire is expecting it to grow and they will also grow it which is not necessary in size.




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