Hands-on Nico360, World’s Smallest VR Camera

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Virtual Reality is an immersive technology that has changed the very face of the technology realm. Every branch is now applying Virtual Reality in some or the other way. Every company is trying to create the next big thing after iPhone. Virtual Reality is really flourishing in this current scenario and   has already started facing a hurdle which is the lack of devices to shoot VR Videos. Well, Nico360 has clearly shown the one end solution to all our problems. Nico360 is enjoying the tag given to it as the ‘smallest 360 degree camera’. Well, it is a famous saying that, don’t judge the book by its cover. This quote perfectly fits on Nico360 as it is packed with some powerful specifications.

The major thing that attracts towards it is that it is inspired by GoPro in design among 360 degree cameras. It comes with a battery of 1400 mAh. When compared to Samsung Gear 360, Nico360 is slightly smaller than Gear360. If we talk about battery backup, then also, Nico360 comes out as a clear winner as Samsung Gear 360 is just having 1350 mAh battery. Nico360 can record videos of resolution of 2560 x 1440 at 30 frames per second. It comes with an inbuilt storage of 32 GB, in which you can save all your recordings.

Nico360 has a dual 16MP spherical Lens which can be used to translate VR shot content into 32MP videos and can capture photos at 25 MP which is very much sufficient for your FB post. The most amazing feature that we found was, that it is waterproof therefore, making it ready for every adventure sport. The camera supports 5G Wi-Fi and Bluetooth standards which makes it very desirable.

Nico360 camera is to be set at $199 and the company will start its shipping in October 2016 which makes it much cheaper than Samsung Gear 360. This actually leaves us to the question that, will Nico360 be revolutionary in this field or will require some more developments?





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