Hands-On: VR One Backpack PC With GTX 10-Series GPU

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The VR ONE backpack offers Tetherless Virtual reality immersive gameplay, which is powered by NVIDIA’s 10-series GPUs along with a new feature like hot-swappable battery and that too for extended Virtual Reality gaming without a tether.It is equipped with wireless transmission technology that is, simply isn’t ready for Virtual Reality but squeezing the PC along with a battery into a backpack for your ease so as you can move freely shows signs of a gadget that need improvement.

MSI’s GTX 980-equipped ‘Backpack PC’ recently unveiled at Computex in May was regarded as a complete prototype, but is quite bulky, weighs around 12 pounds and only have a 1 hour battery life. MSI’s new ‘VR One’ backpack supports the faster GTX 1070  and weighs around7.9 pounds (3.6kg) which is lighter than MSI’s GTX 980-equipped ‘Backpack PC’  and have given proper battery life with swappable batteries feature. The batteries can now give 1.5 hours of immersive experience.

It’s worth noting that although the ‘VR One’ has the relevant IO that will support any PC headset, but the untethered experience is only feasible with the HTC Vive and not with Oculus Rift as its tracking system requires minimum one USB camera to be plugged into the PC in a static position.MSI’s VR One will prove itself to be the first consumer-ready product of its kind. The price and release date for this new VR ONE is yet to be announced, but everyone knows that it won’t be cheap in terms of money as it is made with GTX 1070.




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