Here’s How You Can Make Your Own Virtual Reality Racing Video

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The latest trend of Virtual Reality is following mixed reality videos which showcase the wonders of Virtual Reality without having to wear a VR Headset. A mixed reality video is different from a traditional video as it creates the illusion of immersion striving for physical to virtual world accuracy.

Luckily enough, one can now create their own mixed reality Video with this simple and amazing tutorial. Although, it’s going to need a lot of stuff and some precision it is however achievable for potential directors.

For starts you will need a green screen set up and an Oculus Rift DK2 for the whole process. In this video Pfister shows you how he creates a racing gig with some accessories such as detachable steering wheel and Chroma key editing skills along with an essential component software Unwarp for the captured VR footage. Check out the video to go about the process in detail.

If you’re feeling enough inspired, it’s time to cook up some of your own VR videos.




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