HP Virtual Reality Lounge Soon In India By PVR Cinemas

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PVR is known as the Cinema Industry leader in India is soon going to launch Asia’s First Virtual Reality Lounge at PVR ECX Mall in Noida with the collaboration of HP India. The collaboration will give exposure to the PVR Patrons to experience a brand new angle of entertainment while they would be waiting for their film to begin. With the coming up the latest collaboration between PVR and HP, the PVR will emerge as the India’s first multiplex who will get the whole credit for bringing in the experience which has never been tasted before- full of variety and immersivenes.

PVR saw an opportunity to monetize the gap time, which is usually 25 minutes that the patrons is having till the movie starts. After inaugurating this exciting new feature in here, there will be 9 more after this one in Noida. It is expected that 3 lounges will be opened in Mumbai, 2 in Delhi, 3 definitely in the south and so on. Now comes the pricing of the same. The Price has been introduced as Rs. 100 per seat for just 20 minutes.

The concept at PVR ECX is expected to have four VR pods which will be equipped with HP’s latest technology that is capable of delivering an immersive experience. It is expected that, it would blur out the lines that are drawn between the Real and so on!  The HP VR Lounge will be responsible for providing a whole new library of immersive content that will be segregated into various other genres like drama, fiction, Sci-Fi, horror, action, etc.

If we talk about the future plans, then, yes PVR is very open to lend their platforms to various other brands in the realm of Promotions in the VR format. It will definitely be going to work as a revenue stream. Virtual reality is the cutting edge technology that has opened gates to the limitless possibilities in the kingdom of entertainment. HP collaboration with PVR is a sure shot way to transport the movie patrons into a brand new world! People are enjoying The Joy of India’s First Ever VR Cinema in Mumbai.




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