HTC Sets an Unbeatable Record: Sells 15000 VR Headsets in 10 Minutes

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Virtual Reality has been the mightiest wave to hit the industry and it’s nothing short of impressive to see how it can affect an individual’s interest and bank account! HTC one of the leading brands to take on Virtual Reality is proliferating with its debut product in the market. HTC recently revealed that it sold more than 15000 VR headsets each running up to $800. That is well pretty amazing for as tender a technology as Virtual Reality which furthermore requires a $1000 PC to run.

HTC’s VIVE is a PC compatible peripheral VR kit which lets the user experience complete immersive environment inside the setting of a game. However, VIVE works in a special way to provide more realistic experience due to its extra added sensors that track players overall activity around the room in VR.

HTC Vive could possibly be the second biggest hit in VR this year after Oculus Rift which had started selling is the headset for $600 earlier in January this year. HTC competing with giants like Facebook, Google and Samsung entering in the field of Virtual Reality has driven quite a numbers of users to its side successfully.

Along with the success of major Companies in the industry, one can clearly interpret the life and persistence of VR in the coming years. VR hosting some wonderful games and live streaming content portal such as Netflix can definitely drive the customers to part with their money for the technology.




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