Imperative Do’s To Overcome Creation And Distribution Hurdle

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With the increasing trend of virtual reality, the opportunity to develop 360° VR video content and later on of distributing it. The vision of 2025 is that headsets will grow from a few millions to hundreds of millions. If you are also thinking of establishing a business in creating and distributing content, the current trend in it may force you to think really hard about the hurdles in creating VR video content distributing to VR headsets. If you follow the following essential DO’s, you can very easily cross these hurdles which are very few in number.

  • Choose high quality, spherical video capturing device: To create the best 180 or 360 degree video for content, choose Nokia OZO to capture High resolution stereoscopic video. Or you can go for Google Jump Facebook’s multi platform specification camera named Facebook Surround. With Google Jump, companies like GoPRo are very easily making videos as their content.

  • Stitching of high quality videos into 2D or 3D VR files: Do stitch high quality captured video. The stitching of videos is relatively easy as each of the recommended cameras has dedicated software which makes it very easy for a person to stitch a video.

  • DO select a format and 3D geometry to be used in archival and in distribution: Store high resolution video on Equirectangular projection in a Mezzanine format so that you can convert them at any time.

  • Use of UNITY or UNREAL engine for multi platform app: Unity and Unreal Engine are the ideal tools to develop a multi platform app. For smaller groups, we suggest Unity as is easy to use and doesn’t have any complexity in using with different VR headsets. For larger teams, we suggest Unreal Engine as it provides Source code.

  • DO protect your Content: VR cinema apps need protection for content for business enable models. Use Abode Primetime’s multi DRM solution which is powered by ExpressPlay and they will protect your content and will enable business models.

Once you have adopted these essential requirements, you will have easier time to explore the new frontier in VR content creation and distribution.




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