Intel’s Depth Camera For HTC VIVE To Be Showcased At IDF

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Virtual Reality is now becoming ‘the hero’ of every possible new movie that is being shot in any field, be it education, social media, marketing, etc. and is taking the center stage in every award show or conference being conducted for Virtual Reality. Everyone wants to dip their feet in this hottest brimming river and now Intel is also going to play with this fire. Intel’s annual Intel Developer Forum (IDF) is just two weeks away, and any revelations beforehand will come as a big surprise. Intel was working hard and developed a depth sensing camera that will attach to HTC’s Vive. Dimitri Diakopoulos who is an engineer on Intel’s VR team, in the recent tweet, posted the picture of their latest development attached to the HTC VIVE. It is an accessory with six camera holes which can be used for various purposes such as hand-tracking system, etc. This new depth sensor camera features three holes which are facing in each possible direction.

Diakopoulos confirmed on the twitter that, this depth sensing camera is a mere prototype which is just 10 grams in weight. The sensor might also give you a sneak peek into the real world that too without taking off the headset like if you wish to eat something, you can now pick up your food from your plate and the most amazing thing is that, now you are not taking your headset off.

The major advantage of having a depth sensor is that if you get close to your couch you can now actually see it with your eyes via camera accessory that it is in front of you. For further revelations, we have to wait till their conference that is scheduled in San Francisco and will start from august 16 till august 18.




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