Join Hands With Robotic Arm In VR That Mimics You In Real Life

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We’ve seen that the physical reality has very rarely comes in the space of virtual reality technology. Well, it’s more like blocking the real world by putting on your headset. The team at Silicon Valley’s 219 Design now wants to change the already happening bad habit. The Company has made a Robot arm with the help of 3D printing also along with open-source electronics hardware. It can be controlled via an application on HTC VIVE Headset.

The most surprising thing is that it is not mimetic in nature instead it is more like shaking hands with Virtual Reality via VIVE’s Controllers. But, in the real world, the robotic arm mimics the user’s exact same motion. The video also tells us that the same VR app can also be used to teach the same robot your desired behavior.  To achieve this, the whole process is clearly explained in the video.  It is packed up with some very impressive sounds and one can find himself imagining the space arena and this can be through Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality.

Though this project is just a concept project but, we are sure that Virtual Reality enthusiasts would love to see the potential uses of this technology. The Company hopes that this may inspire the other engineers to indulge more into the developing systems.





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