Kathryn Bigelow’s First VR Documentary Shot For Nat Geo Channel

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It is so amazing to see that Virtual Reality is coming to the major stream with National Geographic Channel as it has announced the First Virtual Reality short film documentary production and named it as The Protectors. It is developed by an Oscar-winning director Kathryn Bigelow, who famously directed Last Days, The Hurt Locker and Virtual Reality creator Imraan Esmail who has famously directed The Displaced, Valen’s Reef. According to Nat Geo the project will now expose the tumultuous life and arduous reality that is being faced by rangers who are protecting African elephants from the gruesome ivory poachers. It is a 12-minute Virtual Reality film that will be made in a form of a joint venture with Here Be Dragons and Megan Ellison of Annapurna Pictures.

Did you know?, that over 30,000 African elephants do die each year by the hands of ivory poachers and in spite of all the measures being taken at a global level, elephants are still being tortured and killed for their ivory. The way to save the elephants from being extinct is to help the rangers working in the national parks of Africa. The major motive behind making a documentary in virtual Reality was to use a major feature of being immersive in the video or film and gives you an immersive experience. The documentary will showcase a day of ranger’s life that will give an insight to their world of the dangers they confront on a daily basis in order to protect elephants from getting killed.

This film will soak viewers to the immersive experience of devastation in a hope that it might change the perspective on ivory at such a global level and moreover virtual Reality is a perfect way to highlight the passion of the ranger’s daily life and commitment to their work. There are many major things which now being shown through the most immersive experience and recently also Virtual Reality Fulfilled A Long Lasting Dream Of Climbing To The Everest and now Virtual Reality will be saving the elephants from getting extinct.





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