Kickstarter to Reach For The VRGE VR Headset Dock

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Verge VR headset dock by Kickstarter is all set to get launched in a photo-finish, sleek looking headset dock. The dock has finally headed into its very own final 24 hours. The Crowd funding campaign is now under $2,000 towards their $ 30,000 goal. Well, everyone had their eyes set on the VRGE kickstarter since it was ever launched way back in January. The Dock is said to have a smart design which offers a universal support for the Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, HTC VIVE and also their controllers. The Dock offers an option to get mounted to a wall or to sit flat on a table or desk. The cables of the dock are underneath it which can help in charging of the controllers too.

The prototypes of the dock were presented in a multiple wood finishes has already passed the mock-up stage. We all should be thankful to the creators of the project. There may be many products already present in the market like Early Bird or so which is all set to be shipped in April which are very impressive for quick turnarounds.

The Company is following the ‘all for nothing’ model for the campaign otherwise their project would not be able to move ahead until and unless their goal hits $30,000. As for now, the company has been able to raise an amount of $27, 948 towards their goal otherwise, it will get closed! We have seen many of the Kickstarter projects in the back and that is why we all must be confident of this latest Dock!





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