Know, What It Feels Like To Explore Amazon Rainforest with VR

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Everyone wants to visit the Amazon Rain-forest once in their life. Now, don’t worry! Virtual Reality is here to fulfill all your dreams and wishes! You can now explore the Rain-forest with this great video. “Under the Canopy” is a new project that has been undertaken by a non-profit group Conservation International. It brings the amazing Virtual Reality technology mixed with the latest filming to capture the essence of, one of nature’s greatest endeavors. The idea of presenting such a video is not only to provide the entertainment, but also to raise awareness, on what is at stake from the hazards of deforestation in the Amazon Forest.

Amazon Rain-forest is capable to provide 20% of the world’s breathable oxygen and also the 20% of the world’s fresh water and also have a great diversity of flora and fauna. Moreover, it is also a home to a great number of native people who are extremely very rich in culture and history. The Video is said to be an 11-minute long video which is not only be experienced through the VR Headset, but can be experienced plainly too! There are many handfuls of bonus behind-the-scenes videos that go on explaining the making of the video.

There is a great story that begins from the start that shows a panoramic view of the great forest around Suriname, and in Ecuador’s Yasuní National Park also of 60 meter to 200 meter long trees. “Under the Canopy gives an opportunity to those who may have never visited the Amazon rain-forest, or may never will!  Virtual Reality has given a kick-start to the travel industry a lot!





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