Lessons In Game Design From User Experience

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Many people always get confused what to write in The Story for a game? Will you write the game for an article? Well, do you think that it will go wrong? Well, there are some lessons from the user experience’s eyes that will help you to get through this maze very easily.

First on our list is The Story in which some have assumptions like writing a compelling game narrative which seems secondary which includes lame dialogs. First of all write a preliminary little story in a form of a drama so that the game started to feel like some real thing. Work on its intros, start screen, screens for each stage and end and then aligning each with fine tuning. To get the fine tuning, immersion is the key which further lets a user to fully identify with the character with a strong compelling story.

Second in our list is logic and emotion. We assume that by taking a known game idea and creating great looking graphics which lots of colors, sounds, big explosions, etc. well in reality, changing the aesthetics or adding lots of colors or sounds did not create the impact we expect. Instead,we have to change the sensory layer of the game and we have to adopt the very structure of the game. As we learn by doing, we have realized that content cannot be separated from form and identify its structure. It is clearly because of the lack of the experience. Always keep this thing in mind, that sensory layer of any design is very important.

The Third in our list is a User Experience in which game play itself is the big challenge in itself. It has to be instantaneous and seamless. Well the interface is to keep the player well tuned with the main character and finding the right balance there is alchemy. Fourth on our list is Differences. Usability in games can be different emotionally from other digital products. There are major differences such as user experience design in games, character identification, full real-time control, etc.

Well, the real thing behind writing this piece was to help the beginners to achieve their dreams and designing a game is an addictive endeavor. Designing a game is more like a training ground for most analytical web designers. The emotional layer often doesn’t give enough space to the design process.




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